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My parents took me and my man to this lovely little Pakistani restaurant in Mill Creek on 164th (nestled in a strip mall). It's the third location for this family-owned business and boy, were we pleased!

Between the four of us our dinner included: Mango Chicken, Lamb Boti Kabab, Kharai Gosht, and Lamb Curry. We also savored an order of the Garlic Nan and Qeema Paratha with the flavorful dipping sauces that came on the side. My hubby and mom both sipped on cups of hot chai that tasted more interesting and flavorful than any chai I've tasted before.

— Amy H., Medina OH (via Yelp!)

We all need a restaurant where we can feel comfortable eating alone, warding off curious glances with a helpful book or newspaper.

I would eat at the Kabab House solo. I'm not the only one.


Though the ingredients for the entrees sound similar (tomatoes, spices, yogurt, garlic), my taste buds were rarely confused. A couple of saucy dishes might taste related, but most dishes are distinctly spiced. You won't mistake the spicy kabab for the measured masala.


Vegetarian samosas: Prepare yourself for the biggest samosas you've ever seen. And big does not mean less flavor. These pillowy puffs are filled with fragrant potatoes and peas, with a wonderfully crisp exterior.

Lamb Boti Kabab: The grilled lamb is served with iceberg lettuce, not on a stick. Perhaps the lettuce is supposed to put out the three-alarm fire in your mouth. Heat seekers will love the spice level of the well-seasoned, yogurt- marinated lamb.

Fish Masala: The Kabab House dishes up a tender, flaky fish married to a lovely vinegar- and tomato-based masala sauce. The fish could be halibut or cod, depending on what is available. Order naan to soak up the extra sauce.

Bhindi (okra): Okra lovers like me will relish an all-okra dish. The bhindi features a generous portion of fresh okra cooked in spices with onion and tomato. The tomato is light and does not overwhelm the delicate vegetable, which is just firm enough to be satisfying.

— Nicole Tsong, Seattle Times staff reporter (read more)

Do you like those little hole-in-the-wall type places with the food that blows your mind? I love those places because they are unexpected and revealing. Let me tell you, this is one of those places.

I had the most amazing dish; I don't remember the name (or how to spell it) but is was a lamb dish. The lamb was cooked to perfection, tender and just fell apart in my mouth, and dressed in an oil-based sauce red sauce. I mean, when I took my first bite my eyes almost popped out of my head. It was amazing. Simple, but amazing. It was served with homemade na'an bread which is like butter in bread form... basically.

Chicken Kabob: Well seasoned, tender, fresh. Just what I would have expected from any upscale Indian restaurant.

This place has decent service, sometimes you have to waive your server down, but for the most part it is good, great food, and a decent price. This is a nice quiet little place to dine and brag about later. If you are a fan of traditional Indian food, stop by.

— Jaime J., Seattle. WA (via Yelp!)

A stranger told me about this place, nearly foaming at the mouth. I comprehended his enthusiasm when I took my first bite of heavenly Lamb Seckh Kabab ($8.95), ground lamb spiced with fresh herbs and garlic that fires up my taste buds like getting old-time religion. The spirit possessed me as I ecstatically chowed my way through piping hot naan, straight out of the tandoori; cooling cucumber, tomato, and iceberg salad; and chutney so phenomenally spicy and flavorful I couldn't stop eating it. Sweat beads gathered and prickled on my scalp as I became very, very high on the sweet gospel of this perfect food.


The masterful Kabab House tops my list of Most Delicious, and is probably some of the best “ethnic” dining in the city...

— Rachel Kessler, The Stranger (read more)